Recording Philly’s Dreambook for BITBY this coming weekend.

I’ll be recording a live monthly session for BITBY this coming Sunday, featuring Philly’s very own Dreambook.

I’m planning on going as high-fidelity as possible, using my trusty OktavaMod MK-012s as a stereo pair, plus close micing the vocals with SM58s, the guitars with SM57s, and using a Countryman DI for the bass. I may also decide to throw an EV20 on the kick and a 421 on the snare if time allows. I find that the biggest challenge in regards to recording outside is keeping the breeze out of the mics. My OktavaMod MK-012s happen to sound really great but are very sensitive to the smallest amount of airflow. I’ll definitely be covering a lot of mic with foam pop filters, just to be safe. Fun!

Here is a BITBY monthly session that I recorded for Philly’s Psychic Teens last summer.


Mastering Updates…

I mastered records for Mike Five’s Younglionapprentice as well as Belgian bands Papermouth and A Clean Kitchen Is a Happy Kitchen during the Fall/Winter of 2010-2011.  Check them out below!

The War On Drugs and Nightlands this Fall via Secretly Canadian

The War on Drugs has a new EP called Future Weather out on Secretly Canadian on October 26th, and S.C. are also releasing Nightlands‘ debut Forget the Mantra on November 9th. I’m friends with these guys, worked a bit on both of these records, and I’m super psyched for them to be out!

Check out the press on the Secretly Canadian website…

The War On Drugs